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Why and How: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Ecological Restoration

DSC_0881Teresa Pereira, second year in the Landscape Architecture Program, was recently featured on the Island Press Field Notes with an article titled “Why and How: Interdisciplinary Perspectives for Ecological Restoration” She reflects on her visit to the 2013 Global Society for Ecological Restoration Conference and discusses the “Why Restore? ” video that was chosen as the contest winner by Island Press. Please click the title above to read the full article.

“As I settle back into my routine (and coursework) in Philadelphia, I am reflective of the takeaways from the Society for Ecological Restoration’s World Conference in Madison. I got to peel into deeper layers of the question that Island Press prompted students to answer in the video contest: why restore? As there are countless of perfect reasons to increase the personal, ecological, cultural, and socio-economic values of our degraded landscapes, it is the how that I was interested in hearing about at the conference. It is the how that transforms challenges into active communities in search of solutions—and what a great group of communities that came together last week…..”